You find a strange gun that
doesn't seem to have a trigger...

It has a mind of its own.

You can't control when it fires,
or what it fires.

Introducing CURSED GUN.

This is our third year participating in the GMTK Game Jam, and it's our first 3D game together!

The theme of this year's jam was "OUT OF CONTROL". We came up with a gun where you lose control of when it fires, and what it fires.

CURSED GUN plays as a very basic twin-stick shooter. Aim at the oncoming ghosts and pray to the RNG gods for the right projectile at the right time!

The Team

It's Second Garage! The whole team is here!

  • Quills - Game Design, Gameplay Programming, Game Feel, 3D Art, Art Direction, Sound Design
  • Tal - Game Design, Gameplay Programming, Game Feel, 3D Art
  • LF - Game Design, Gameplay Programming, Game Feel, Concept Art, UI Design

Special Thanks

Additional Credits

Professor Umlaut by Kevin MacLeod

Final Notes

We hope you enjoy our game, and please rate it (while it's open)!

Known issues

and how to (hopefully) solve them

Can't continue from the "Game Over" screenTry the W and D keys.

This may have to do with how our input manager detects "any button", as these are the positive axis inputs.
Game keeps playing during the "Game Over" screenEither continue from Game Over, or refresh the page.

It's a bit difficult to figure out every edge case, but hey, that's a learning experience!


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Great take on out of control mechanic! The confetti fail shot too lol


Really good polished!